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  • AnonymousI'm still trying to figure out why Zayn whispering "brave" has been cut out of everything? Like, it doesn't even remotely hint to anything going on between them- there's a lot more stuff that does but has never been edited etc. I just don't get this.
  • that-regular-chick

    Well nonnie, I think it was the context more than the word.

    First of all, Louis had the floor. It was his turn to describe Liam. And once Louis gets started, Zayn likes what he hears. And apparently he also starts getting a bit emo.


    Then Zayn can no longer contain himself and just has to let it out, “brave”.


    His gaze is downcast—he’s almost curled in on himself. He’s just having a little moment all by himself. Just low key and gentle. And then a tiny smile darts across his face…I just…I mean…that’s such a genuine, quietly powerful expression of affection. I’ve said before this slays me every damn time I look at it. This is one of the biggest pieces of Ziam “proof” there is. No one can claim fan service. No one can claim he’s distracting viewers from Harry and Louis. This is just a boy softly fonding over his boy. This is the whisper that roared. And that’s why it was edited out.

    Sometimes I gotta just contemplate…

    …I’mma be ok tho. I just need a minute.

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Doctor Who
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Jensen, what do you have to say to people that insist your friendship with Jared is just PR?



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Lend a man your blanket, he’ll be warm for one night.
Set a man on fire, he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.

Pretty sure that’s not how it works

That’s exactly how it works.

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